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The registration process

RPGDX and the forums share their database and login code for convenience, you'll only have to register once and be able to use both parts of the site with the same account.


You must abide to the following rules when posting games on RPGDX:

  • The game and all it's contents must be yours.
  • The game must be an RPG.
  • The game must be an independently made game (i.e. no outside commercial funding).
  • If your game costs $$ for people to play, you must have at least a free downloadable demo somewhere on your site.
  • All games should have *all* required files included in their download for people to play. This includes emulators, DLL files, and anything else.
  • It does not matter if your RPG is finished or not. In-progress games are perfectly ok.
Any games that go against these standards will be removed instantly.

Ok, I'm ready to register!

You'll have to register at the forums, come back to RPGDX after the process. If registration was succesfull, you can login and visit your RPGDX user page to be able to put your games on RPGDX, post news on the RPGDX front page, etc.

Here's a link to take you directly to the registration page at the forums. See you soon on RPGDX!

[register at forums]