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A Design-Oriented Interview With S+F Software
Interview by Jonas Kyratzes

A Game-Oriented Interview With S+F Software
Interview by Jonas Kyratzes

An Interview with Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software
This is an interview with Jeff Vogel, a very successful shareware author, who created RPG hits Exile and Avernum.

An Interview With S+F Software
A long interview with Stephen Thompson of S+F Software (developers of the Trevor series).

Beyond the Gate: Jason Compton on the Making of "The Broken Hourglass"
Jason Compton of Planewalker Games talks about going from an RPG fan, to a mod-maker for the Baldur's Gate series, to the producer of the high-profile indie RPG, "The Broken Hourglass."

Darkdread interviewed
The man himself interviewed by yours truly darkpagan

Indie Roleplaying Interview: Diver Down
A long interview with Grenideer, the developer of Diver Down, in a special edition of the Indie Roleplaying column.

Interview With Amanda Fitch, Indie RPG and Casual Game Designer
Interview with Amanda Fitch, head of Amaranth Games, and the creator of the best-selling Aveyond RPG series.

Interview With Georgina Bensley, Creator of "Cute Knight"
Georgina Bensley of Hanako Games is the author of the best-selling "casual" RPG, Cute Knight.

Lemmy & Binky interview Prof. Stephen Hawkings about Indie-Games
It's a joke article, but it's nearly a year since anything's been submitted, so I thought I'd share this :)

Mandrake Interviewed
This is an interview with the creator of RPGDX. He tell us about his passion for RPGs.

Scorpia's New Tale: An Interview With One of Gaming's Most Popular Columnists
Scorpia was the chief reviewer and columnist for Adventure Games and RPGs in Computer Gaming World for more years than many gamers have been playing games. Here she talks about RPGs and Adventure Games, old-school gaming, and what she's doing now.