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Programming Tutorials
2D Graphics in SDL with C++ (Swedish)
En artikelserie i fyra (för tillfället) delar som går igenom hur man kommer igång med att rita grafik och göra grafiska spel i 2D med hjälp utav biblioteket SDL. Språket som används i artikeln är C++.

Allegro Game Programming Series
Several examples of how you can create a scrolling tile engine using Allegro and a mix of C/C++. DISCLAIMER: I do not claim that this is the best way, nor that this is the 'right' way. It works, and its something I wanted to share. These articles are intended for newcomers to Allegro and Game Programming, not veteran programmers that already know how to create a game. You are free to use this code for educational purposes. Do not 'mirror' this code on your site, saying that it is yours. Usage of this code requires that you give me credit.

Animating Sprites
This short article shows how to achieve animation in your games. The information comes from DrunkenCoder, I'm simply making it available on my site, with his permission.

Code Optimization Techniques
A collection of code optimization techniques. It covers a wide range of optimizations, starting by moving constant expressions out of loops, ranging to more efficient memory management. It is geared towards C and C++, but still will be useful for related languages like Java, and more general, any kind of procedural language. Code examples are provided in C.

Cool effects in a tile engine
Covers things you can do with a tile engine: Animated Objects, Particle System, Water flow and reflections, High Grass (over tiles), and Other FX. Aimed at QBasic users.

Creating a custom GUI with Allegro
When asked how to create buttons in Allegro for use with say an rpg and not using any additional third party libraries, I created this simple system. I decided to write a tutorial to go along with the code. And here I share it with you. :)

How to do menus with allegro.
This will show you how to use menus in allegro. uses Microsoft Visual C++ and Allegro 4.xx available as 66.5 KB zip download containing the MSVC6 project, a compiled exe, and the sourcecode. Any questions should be sent to me. -DeveloperX

Independences C++ Guide [Swedish] (update)
En enkel C++ guide som går igenom grunderna i C++ från vad C++ är till hur man får igång kompilatorn och gör konsolespel. Det finns fler guider på sidan så du kan bygga vidare dina programmeringskunskaper om du vill.

pure qb pixel scrolling
so, you've go that awesome qb rpg. you've got battles, a story, and graphics. but you use only tile scrolling? this is an archive of pixel scrolling engines done in pure qbasic, no assembly. learn from it but don't rip it. there are six in total.

QB Buffering in SCREEN 13
This article was created because of the extreme shortage of tutorials on buffering without a library. Something had to be done, and now it is. Four chapters complete, circles and triangles pending.

RPG Programming and Design
This is my series of articles on the development of RPGs in thoery, and in programming. I'm not exactly the best person to give out a series of article like this, but with the lack of many tutorials on some of the aspects I plan to cover I hope it'll be a benefit to many.

Scripting in QB
Shows how to make a scripting engine in QB. Probably not very good for beginners, but people that already know how to do scripting. Covers things like IFs, triggers, and LOOPs.

Setting up an RPG engine in QB/modular programming
Covers some techniques and my opinions on how to set up an RPG in QBasic. The most helpful thing in this is probably the section on modular programming.

So You Want to Make an RPG in Qbasic?
The first in a series of tutorials that deals with what you need to know to code an RPG in QB. The main purpose of these tutorials are to teach the quick, and easy methods of RPG design. Basically, the aim is to have fun, and dive right into the RPG.

The Architecture of 'Sacraments' (Part 1 of 3)
This is part one of a three-part weekly series on the architecture behind the game 'Sacraments', which was created for the Chloris' Call compo on this site. The article is heavy on Director-speak, but may be of interest to non-Director developers. It's kindly hosted by the folks at

The Architecture of 'Sacraments' (Part 2 of 3)
Part two of a three-part article describing the game architecture of 'Sacraments'.

The Architecture of 'Sacraments' (Part 3 of 3)
Part three of the article describing the architecture of the 'Sacraments' game. This article talks about the animation and cutscene engine.

Tile Map Collision Sonic Style
A lengthy article on how to make your own basic Sonic The Hedgehog style terrain follower. Written in a simple and easy to understand manner, but assumes you've already written a basic tile based engine.