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How to do Floormapping Without Really Trying
XMark's simple fake way to make it look like you know how to do real floormapping :)

How To Make A Brick Tile In 5 Steps. By DeveloperX
I teach you to make a brick tile in 5 steps. Hope you like my tutorical* (haha tutorial & article).. ah, anyway, expect more to come as I figure out the 'method' to mastering the pixels.

How To Make A Sand Tile In 3 Steps! By DeveloperX
A friend asked how to make a sand tile, here was my solution. 3 Steps, 3 colors, heh, good art. Check it out.

Tsu's Pixel Art Tutorial
The almighty tutorial on video game graphics by Tsugumo. It is THE refrence when it comes to making video game art. If you want fantastic graphics for your game, go read this.