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Theory and Design
'Sacraments' Postmortem
This is a short postmortem for the 'Sacraments' project, an entry in Spring 2004's Chloris' Call compo. Basically, it's a quick commentary on the game-building process I went through to build the game, with the things that went well and things that didn't. (Nothing too specific, but I like reading other people's postmortems, so I figured I'd write my own.)

Character Types
Here is a list of character types appropriate for use in RPGs. You may use this list for inspiration for your own characters. This list was initially intended to be much larger but truncated due to the enormous scope of the project.

Dancing About Architecture #1 - Introduction
An introduction to my regular column for RPGDX on making music for games.

Dancing About Architecture #2 - Stuck in the MIDI With You
A brief exploration into different file format you might want to consider using.

List of Magic: the Gathering Effects
This is a list of all the effects I know of that can occur in Magic: the Gathering. I'm sure there's more because I wrote this article long ago. In any case, it's a supplement to the World of Magic and World of Spells articles. Used together, these three articles can provide a good deal of inspiration for developing a magical system.

My View on RPGs
My first article, hope that someone reads it. :) (Hope its in the right category, if not, sorry.) -DeveloperX

Nonlinearity in RPGs
A critical look at when and to what degree plot nonlinearity is useful in RPGs.

RPG Knowledge
A open source document on the theories of RPG design and what knowledge is required to learn how to make a RPG.

RPG Theory and Design 1
This first article in the series discusses techniques on how to balance out the frequency of the battles versus the length of the battle completion so as not to bore a player while playing your game.

Un engin de jeux dans les règles de l'art
What is the theory behind a game engine? How to make those engines? This is a serie of articles (chapters) about the creation of a RPG engine. This tutorial as been written for general use, no API is used as reference. C is used in example for instance of pseudocode. It covers, project managament, engine structure, tile engines, sprites, scripts, probably graphics etc... Chapters will be added gradualy. This tutorial targets beginners who haves a good bases of a programming language. I am sorry for yet, only french version avaible...

World of Magic
This is a compilation of the different ways spell systems can work in games. The emphasis is placed upon video game RPGs.

World of Spells
This is a giant list of spell effects that can occur in games (particularly, in RPGs).