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Strategy RPGs

This format tends to place great emphasis on battle scenarios. Combat is usually depicted by hexagonal or grid combat fields and makes up at least 90% of the gameplay time. Generally speaking, strategy RPGs focus less on character and storyline development, although they usually include the experience system.

Famous Strategy RPGs:
Shining Force, Dark Wizard, Baldurs Gate

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Game name Rating Last updated
Charm School
Gameplay cross between Zelda and a simulation/trainer - raise three little witches and send them to adventure!
Valkin II
An isometric 3D RPG set in the realm of Valkin, running on Linux and DOS.
Telepath Psy Arena 2  25-09-2009
A turn-based tactics game in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and the old Shining Force games!
Cairn Hill  21-01-2003
Cairn Hill is my little attempt to break away from the common RPG mould. It is set in Wales in the 1920s against a backdrop of traditional (i.e., non-AD&D, non-Tolkien-esque) folklore.
We Love Mind Control Rocket  25-03-2008
"We Love Mind Control Rocket" was my entry into TIGSource's VGNG contest, whereby the contestants had to create a game based on a randomly generated name.
Rex of Rags  07-04-2003
You play Rex, former rag man, now working at a circus.
Rain Tactics  04-04-2004
I guess, my first attempt at a project for the April contest. Hopefully will be done tile-based strategy wise. ^_^ Watch for more in the future.
Saga of the Marshes  06-10-2004
Tactical RPG
Fenix Blade: Cry Havoc  13-12-2005
During the first Solancian civil war, four men converge on a single destiny as legions of soldiers sacrifice their lives for mere inches of soil.
Cute Knight ~ Kishi Kawaii  13-10-2005
A new game inspired by Princess Maker - play an orphan girl searching for her destiny.
Realms of Rivalry  28-12-2005
Turn-based multiplayer strategy/rpg for 2-4 players
Kambou: The Great Kanji Adventure  10-02-2007
A strategy RPG featuring many character classes, loads of skills and combos, and an irreverant, goofy story narrated with photo stills.
Ahelion Trigger  16-05-2007
Multiplayer, browser-based, alternate earth, turn(tick)-based sci-fi strategy RPG.
Pioneers of Aethora  03-09-2007
A party-based role-playing game, completely browser-based. No plugins required - only javascript and a modern browser. Textual, MUD-like travel system with a graphical grid-based combat system.
Syko*War  03-01-2009
Created late 2000, Syko*War was a Strategic/Tactical RPG for Neo Geo Pocket. It plays from the perspective of a Platformer unlike most others. Was only a demo of movement rules. Combat rules didn't work. Pictures included.