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RPG Makers and Engines

RPG Makers mostly feature toolkits to build your RPG world, the things within and the story. Most try to be easy to use while still versatile. RPG engines might be less versatile and focus on a specific type of game, but they can also be more versatile, requirering additional progamming to be done.

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Game name Rating Last updated
Mystic World
A highly scriptable Engine for Windows and Linux, which holds up traditional RPG values.
A generic tiled map editor.
Quest Kit, (pure QB, pixel X pixel scrolling engine).
Pure QB4.5 (No ASM) pixel X pixel scrolling engine. Featuring... page buffering, tile collision, tile cycling, alpha-blending, auto-masking & auto-clipping.
OHRRPGCE-2  20-02-2005
OHRRPGCE-2 is designed as an upgrade to the original OHRRPCE.
H-World CRPG engine  10-02-2005
The H-World CRPG engine is a tile-based, turn-based, Lua scriptable engine that supports a nice graphical, isometric or rectangular 2D display. It can support single PC as well as parties. There is AI support for both combat and non-combat actions. H-World is available for Windows and Linux.
MHRPGCE  27-06-2013
Creating a "Fork" of the original OHRRPGCE and porting it to monkey, this is going to be a major revamp for graphics. You can view the Live progress of the Monkey port by checking out the HTML5 Custom Editor here
C++ RPG engine  25-12-2003
The first try of doing a RPG engine in C++
CORE RPG Creation System  22-03-2003
The CORE RPG Creation System is a new RPG Maker which is designed to be both easy to use AND highly expandable for use by more professional Game Makers.
Fury˛  03-02-2005
An object-oriented, open source 2D RPG/Game creation system. Written in Visual Basic/C++. For Windows.
Mouse Driven Graphics Editor Sourcecode  28-09-2003
Mouse Driven Graphics Editor Sourcecode
DimensioneX  27-06-2003
Freeware Multiplayer Role-Playing/Adventure Game Engine
RPG Take 200  10-11-2004
RPG Take 200 is planned to be a Console-style RPG engine with Directsound4QB support, pixel by pixel movement and customizable scripting language.
Gameshape  24-06-2005
Gameshape 2d Development Game Engine for Windows.
Simple Engine  15-01-2007
Simple Engine that currently supports simple text messages and "warp" tiles...
Elysium Source  13-06-2006
A free, open source 2D MMORPG maker created in Visual Basic.
O.H.R.RPG.C.E (Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine)  18-08-2008
An engine for creating 2D retro-style RPG games
48h Contest LO-Fi Mini-RPG Game Project  05-03-2009
Team CCPS' entry to the Feb 2009 48-hour LOFI Mini-RPG Game Making Jam
Wonder  20-10-2010
"Wonder" is a WIP program for creating RPG games with specific mechanics.
Gamestar  26-07-2014
Gamestar is a game creation system web app/add-on that runs in Firefox and Firefox Mobile (Fennec).