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Posted by The Hawk 
Status Almost finished 
Prog. language Visual Basic 
Last update 15-11-2004 
Links Website; Download;



Dark Realms is an offline classic RPG programmed and designed by me (David Fawcett), I made it using Visual Basic 6.0. As it has no Dx boosting I have added animation in limited proportions. Dark Realms allows users to create 'realms' of their own using built-in tools and as many tilesets/graphics as they want :)
This is still in the beta stage so there are still bugs and much improvement needed, I also am in need of an artist!
If you enjoy this game all I ask is that you support freeware by letting other people know about it and post on my forums! 8-)

Review by tcaudilllg on 14-08-2011
I like the idea. Project has potential.