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Posted by DeveloperX 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 27-10-2004 
Links Website; Download;

DeveloperX, LordGalbalan, Gustav, DarkBllade, Scorpio9


Dream Destroyer is a Role-Playing Game set in a fantasy world, with a dark storyline inspired by the strange dreams of DeveloperX...

Travel through the worlds of people's dreams, release them from their fears, and eventually face your own fears, in this epic quest to save humanity from their fears, you are Toshi, the Dream Destroyer......


The downloadable 'demo' is very incomplete, but we are going to continue to develop this game, until we believe that it is complete.
There have been many ups and downs during the development of this game.
We have had to create our own tools, which is what prevented us from finishing in time for the contest.

Current Features:
- pixel * pixel scrolling tile engine
- animated sprites
- near unlimited tilesets
- tile based collision

Features to be added:
- DreamScript scripting
- NPCs
- Menu system
- dynamic Battle system (real-time or turn-based or strategy via DreamScript)
- pixel based collision

fixed collision problems, and created the game's first map - excluding events.
vm is almost ready to be used to allow event scripting.
For those that downloaded the 'compo' build, download this one, and see what this game will be looking like..soooon! :)

If you are interested in joining CCPS Solutions,
please contact DeveloperX via email at

Dream Destroyer won 3rd place in the Hecate's Contest.
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