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Posted by BadMrBox 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 28-06-2005 
Links Website; Download;

Only me


It is finished! At last, a new finished game from Ragnarok, our thing for the contest... that seem not to be anymore...? Anyway. Download it and give it an honest review. I know its not great but It was made in haste for the compo.

Review by Adam on 07-07-2005
Firstly i'll say that for a game that was made for a 48 hour comp it's good and no one could expect any more, but since i wish to keep the order by rating option useful this might seem harsh.

Firstly i'm not big on the "leave town, kill a guy, return to heal, leave town, kill 2 guys..." kind of gameplay mechanic, i hacked the save file so i could sprint through all that. Having the game on one long path dosen't help this. Having the town as a centeral point (like was done with secret of cooey) would reduce the walkback, but it kind of clashes with your story. Perhaps a few tents along the path to sleep in would have at least made things easier.

The story; "go kill that guy and the increasingly difficult guys along the path to him" needs heaps of work if it's to keep interest. For me you could get away with this with the ammount of dialogue you had if the gameplay was fun, but it's your vanilla 1st person no animation kind of battles. Little extras here like flashing the background red when hit and screen shakes, could have really helped here. Overlaying sprites for sword slashes and the like would have helped even more.

For me, his game would be playable if it had a story that started quckly and kept me wanting to continue or if the gameplay made it fun to kill things. But the story here is very straightforward and the gameplay is what i'd like to describe as "Quintessential QB." If i wasn't intent on reviewing this i would have turned off after the 2nd battle.

Again, all if the points i raise can't be helped since this game was made for a 48 hour comp. The creators should be given high praise for even finishing a game that has a feeling of completeness.