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Posted by BadMrBox 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language FreeBASIC 
Last update 26-01-2008 
Links Website;

Code/Graphics: BadMrBox
Music: Josiah Tobin


Added an ugly screenshot

Yet again have I started to work on this title again and I intend to finish it this year XD. Seriously, I need to get this done. I'll update with more meat on the bones at a later date.

I have been working slightly on this title and well, I have figured that timebased events is a must :/. Things was so much simpler once.

Not much has happened with the project due to that I always tend to wander of doing other stuff. What's new is that Josiah has created the whole soundtrack for the game so you have something to look forward to on that department. Really nice stuff indeed.
I removed the old screenshot as it wasn't representing the looks of the game anymore.
A new screenshot will arise when it's ready to do so :)

Oh my, almost a year ago minus two months I was almost done with this project... well, what can I say? The project is back on square one, now made with freebasic using the same engine we are making ToT3 with. I will continously update this page when new info is at hand.

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