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Posted by Stormy 
Status Playable 
Prog. language FreeBASIC 
Last update 03-09-2006 

Stormy, CWF, GreveN and various more.



  • 640x480x32 and awesome speed (using hardware acceleration with OpenGL)
  • effects like mirror-effect in water (for objects, NPCs and heroes), nice authentic weather, animations, fadings from daylight to night in realtime
  • a turn-based battlesystem (yes, this is relic of such so called old-school rpgs ;))
  • an awesome scriptable particle system in battles for nice looking spells
  • Sounds and Music (using FMOD)
  • an advanced window-system with changeable skins, integrated images that can be set in the scriptfile and nice transparency effects
  • a powerful and easy script engine whose syntax is coined by the BASIC-syntax
  • pixel*pixel-wise movement and collision
  • an easy-to-use map editor

Main programmer: Stormy
Co-programmer: CWF, GreveN
Music: cyn9

Review by pomocnfsc on 12-01-2011
good game