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Posted by BadMrBox 
Status Early development 
Prog. language FreeBASIC 
Last update 17-01-2007 
Links Website;

The Ragnarok Games crew


18th January:
I was thinking about using Rel's Mappy function to load map's but as I'm fooling around with my code I have realised that it cause's more trouble for me than solving any so I rather build my own mapeditor as usual.
Torsin return's with his third appearance and this time in Freebasic.
There has been some slight changes since Torsin's QB days and now he'll be running about in a p*p world and this time around we are going to put down more energy into both the graphics and gameplay.

The third installation of the series is going to hit the Freebasic community sometime this year.


- 5 dungeon's planned
- 640x480x32 with scale2x for that ever lovin' pixely feeling.
- Classic turnbased battles
- Going to use FMOD to play soundtrack made by Freemax
- Pixel*pixel engine
- Gamepad support

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