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Posted by DeveloperX 
Status Early development 
Prog. language Python 
Last update 08-11-2007 
Links Website;

DeveloperX, Keranu, WhoNeedszzz


This game doesn't have much of a story to it, since I've been working on the engine mainly. Maybe I'll throw more of a story in it at the last minute..but the objective will be to explore the randomly-generated cave-like Dungeons of Kilth and seek the Hand of DevX, avoid getting mauled by the vicious beasts that inhabit the dungeons, you can collect items to replenish any lost health, and weapons and armor to give you a better offense and defense. .(haha yeah lame I know.)

The project started Oct 27th, and I've been busy with lots of things in addition to this.
Who knows what will become of it.

My friend Keranu is making the beast sprites and WhoNeedszzz is making some "music" that I will tweak & mix for the background music.

I figured it would be fun to enter this contest, and so far its been fun, but really really stressful since I'm the only programmer this go-round.

I've been working my a$$ off on this project, since its gotta be done (or as near done as I can get) by Dec 8th. So I may end up cutting some wanted features from the game.

You can follow the development of my entry on my blog here:

I'm planning to release the game engine named 'devxcode' under the GNU GPL license once this is all over with. But as of right now, it is a closed-source project. Wish me luck. I'll need it.

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