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Posted by Scrim 
Status Finished 
Prog. language Python 
Last update 17-02-2008 
Links Website;

Scrim, thefop


Our entry for the November "Game in 2+3 Days" contest. Guide the young warrior Soscarides and his band of followers in their voyages through the Greek Isles. Now complete!

Visit the homepage to download it for Windows and Mac.

Post-contest, we finished the adventure. It's still a "mini-rpg", in both scale and length, but it should provide an hour or two of escapism to Ancient Greece.

The Trials of Soscarides won 1st place in the 48h November Contest.
Review by DeveloperX on 20-02-2008
I give an 8 of ten, because the game was lacking music, and the art was below par.
However, I truly enjoyed every minute of playing through this cool little game!
I requested a guiding hand from the maker to get past one part, but other than that, it was really really well made.
I certainly hope that this group goes on to make more games of this caliber and beyond! :D
Three cheers for Scrim & his friend/relative/whoever the other guy is who helped him make this game! ;)