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The Amazing Adventures of Kassandra
Posted by Mattias Gustavsson 
Status Playable 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 27-11-2007 
Links Website; Download;

My entry for the 48 hrs contest. I spent too much time making the art, and I don't think I got enough game in there, but I'm still quite pleased with it :-)

The Amazing Adventures of Kassandra won 1st place in the 48h November Contest.
Review by Verious on 23-12-2007
I enjoyed playing The Amazing Adventures of Kassandra. The implementation of the dice based battle system via the popup window is quite different than most CRPG games I have played. The graphics and music were nice and the click-to-walk user interface worked well. While the game is only partially finished, the portion that was completed has a polished feel to it.

The game ran without any issues; however, it would have been nice if the game automatically adjusted the screen resolution during gameplay to match the size of the graphics.