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Posted by tcaudilllg 
Status Playable 
Last update 26-07-2014 
Links Website; Download;

Gamestar is a game creation system web app that runs in Firefox and Fennec. It supports 2D game design using an innovative real-time development system that lets you play the game as you design it. The powerful Board system allows you to run several game maps simultaneously, each with distinct styles of play.

Update July 2014
- Gamestar is now an add-on for Firefox (necessary change due to changes in Firefox's policy towards permissions/conquest of the Black Devils).

Update July 7, 2012
_ Added inventory management commands.
- added PUT CLONE command.
- added CSS transform commands (boards only).
- bug fixes
- board tile limit removed
- multiple maps and transitions, actor persistence between maps
- added door cells and cell names (use to warp from one map to another)
- revised HowTo.txt, GamestarManual.txt, GamestarCommandList.txt

Update May 15, 2012
- Too many features to mention. Check the online help for more.

Update March 4, 2012:
- Scrolling added
- How-To guide added
- Dialogue fixed
- Projectile restart bug fixed
- Speed algorithm corrected

Update Feb 29, 2012:
- Speed now scales correctly in pixel move mode.
- Var watch system (partially) implemented.
- Default speed is now 3.
- Map exits can now be set and read (from property "Map.[direction]". Ex: "Map.north").
- Board positioning system implemented, but untested. Use script commands "Set board coords [x], [y]" and "Set board z [value]". For initial placement use X, Y, and Z text boxes below the boards list. Note there is no container in which to clip the boards (it's been reserved for the next version), so although Zelda-style transitions are possible (barring a bug), it will be tricky.
- Actors can now move outside the map. Use "Set bounds [ON/OFF]".
- Persistent (board local) and shared (map local) variables are now implemented, in addition to the common (everywhere accessible) and private variables. Variables are now shared by default. When calling variables, prefix common variables with "~" and persistent variables with "#".
- "Idle" fixed.
- "Push" fixed.

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