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Posted by BadMrBox 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 21-07-2002 
Links Website; Download;

Me and only me


Well, take upon yourself the role as Torsin to save the four elementaries.
Well, that's the story. Promise. Test it. Get it at GBE's new homepage.

Review by Crow on 21-07-2002
This game is pretty cool! I wasn't able to play the game with music, but I listened to the midis. They were ok, better than average mini rpg music. The story is okay too, tho it could use a bit more complexity. The graphics are cool, except the neon grass which practically broke my eyes :) Maybe I'll even finish this game sometimes, which is rare in my case.
Review by DarkDread on 24-07-2002
What this game lacks in graphics, it certainly makes up for in gamplay, and fun... and this, in my opinion, is where it matters. The graphics are simple, and at times, could've used some more effort... but they are certainly good enough that they do not detract from the game at all. The story is nice, though simple, and it makes you want to keep playing on. The battles are well done, in old fashioned Dragon Warrior style, and they do not drag out. They are very enjoyable. Overall, I'd say look past the graphics, and give this game a shot... you'll be pleasantly suprised at just how fun it is to play.