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Storyline ideas for the Socionics RPG
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:12 am    Post subject: Storyline ideas for the Socionics RPG [quote]

What I'm thinking of is having an empire as the main antagonist. The aim of the empire is to create a world where everyone is assigned to jobs based on their psychological type. Because this viewpoint is inconsistent with reality -- people have more personality traits than are accounted for by Jung's/Myers-Briggs' typologies -- the empire is becoming burdened with inefficiency. However the emperor will not accept this, and instead blames the inefficiency on an impurity of submission to the type-driven ideal. (kinda like how communist regimes/dictatorships blame their poverty on interference by other countries)

Opposing the empire is a nation which exalts behaviorism as the ideal. The leaders of this nation offer that people can be whatever they want to be: they insist that individual traits do not exist at all, only collective traits do. They offer that people's wants are universal and that their skills and interests are created by a sense of emotional attachment on a purely Freudian basis. This nation, Freudania, believes that the empire is delusional.

Between the empire and Freudania is the tiny free city of Augustina (named for the founder of socionics, Augusta). Although technically a part of the empire, the emperor has given it autonomy. However, murmurs of change are beginning to appear in Augustina, and the emperor is growing concerned.
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