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Lilith's Enticement
Start time 2007-02-01 00:00:00 
End time 2007-03-01 00:00:00 



Gothic/Horror! There are no specific requirements for this competition, mostly because I am too occupied to make up anything original. Lilith wants you to make a scary game, something that lives up to her level of evil.


  • You create all content of your game within the timespan of the contest. A short extension isn't a given, but be prepared for it nonetheless. Content is graphics, music, dialogue and environments.
  • Note that the previous didn't include story, you can figure that out in advance. Preferably think up your own, but you're free to base it on something existing. It also doesn't include the engine, which can be prepared in advance too (and doesn't need to be your own). You are advised to make use of these opportunities, and have them ready when you start.
  • There are no style restrictions. As long as the game is identifiable as an RPG, then it's not important whether it's a traditional RPG, a strategy RPG, an action RPG, a Rogue-like, or anything else you may come up with.


Name Project Subscribed Won
Terry  Major Arcana  2007-01-30 09:59:18  1st place 
mininetaz  The Possession  2007-01-30 13:19:50   
DeveloperX  WiTCHHUNT  2007-01-30 16:41:57  2nd place 
Jonge  Rivers of blood  2007-01-31 11:25:02   
Islip  Forsaken Sun  2007-01-31 15:12:46   
Bjørn  On a dark Sunday  2007-02-05 15:28:12   
hamster  Pandora’s Hope  2007-02-16 08:21:50  3rd place 
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Removed entry 2007-02-01 13:45:00   
Removed entry 2007-02-02 11:46:41   
Removed entry 2007-02-02 14:53:14   
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