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Posted by Mandrake 
Status Early development 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 26-03-2004 

Mandrake: lead designer, programmer, writer and sprite art
Xmark: Composer
Tenshi: Character Portraits
Moira: Text Editing, wood cut style art


You are born of Faerie blood, and raised by humans. All of your life you have felt like an outsider, someone who has never really fit in. Once you have reached the age of manhood, you leave your home, on a quest to find your birth parents. Hoping to find a true place in which you belong, you go off in search for a gateway into the land of Faerie, and set off on an adventure you never thought possible. Powerfull, unique, with a great battle engine, complex story and characters, MOD music composed specificly for this game, the Changeling just might effect you on a level never before thought in a console style RPG.

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