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Blorp Zingwag: Elf Detective
Posted by XMark 
Status Finished 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 02-01-2004 
Links Website; Download;



Blorp Zingwag is an elf who has solved many mysteries in the north pole. He was responsible for stopping the theft of Santa's naughty/nice list five years ago, and three years ago was instrumental in tracking down "frosty" the killer snowman.

But now Santa's workshop is in a panic. Boinky Flingzobbo, one of the most dedicated assembly line workers in sector 834, was found with a candy cane driven through his head. It is up to Blorp Zingwag to solve this mystery before Christmas!


January 2, 2004: It's finished! Download that sucker right now!

December 30, 2003: I'll be busy all day tomorrow, so I decided to finish everything tonight. Fooolking and I are staying up late tonight piecing the game together.

December 27, 2003: From the way the dialogue and scripting is going so far, it looks like I'm going to have to slap a coarse language/mature subject matter label on the game. Hee hee hee, this game is so messed up :)

December 21, 2003: Almost done the physical world, though I'm going to have to make a few more tiles first. The rooms I have left to complete are the reindeer stables, Santa's office, the storage room, and the elf workers' dormitories.

December 20, 2003: Today was the milestone I set for myself to get the entire physical world finished. Whoops. Well, I'm 65% of the way there anyways, not too bad. I got the initial scripted sequence where you first talk to Santa pretty much complete. I'm not going to give away too much, but I'm going to shatter a lot of childhood illusions about Santa Claus :)

December 12, 2003: I've mostly been concentrating on tile and sprite artwork. Now, I'm not a sprite artist and I make no claims that I am, so don't expect to be amazed by the quality of graphics. It won't look pukingly bad, though :)

December 5, 2003: I now have all three requirements for the game. I just finished adding footprints, for all entities walking onscreen actually! They disappear when you leave the map but I just chalk that up to fresh snow falling :)

Blorp Zingwag: Elf Detective won 1st place in the Chione Challenge.
Review by Rooter on 02-01-2004
Heh, pretty good. The engine really isn't amazing or anything but the game was well put together, quite amusing. Definitely the best of the games submitted for this compo, IMO.
Review by Georg on 03-01-2004
+ : The story was very good and amusing. I really liked the humor in it. I was happily suprised by a nice cut scene. The music was also very good and added a lot the game's atmosphere.

- : The graphics were not so good and could be improved a lot by adding shadows and `lightning' on objects to give it a better 3D perception. Something else that I'd do to make it less artificial is to pixelize more, to give the objects a more `rough' surface. I thought most of the maps to be too empty for their size. I'd either make the maps smaller or more interesting objects/graphics in the area's to get rid of the empty feeling. Further more I thought the story to be a little too predictable.

Conclusion: I think this is overal a good game; I finished it and really like playing it. I wouldn't classify it as an RPG, but as an adventure though.
Review by wildcard on 07-01-2004
Nice game. I liked the music and completeness; the two different endings were good. Quite a lot to do and see, only minor gripe is the sparseness of the main overhead map but it’s the north pole anyway so not major.