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Arthur Dents Dreams Winter Edition
Posted by Independence 
Status Playable 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 01-01-2004 
Links Website; Download;

independence: Programming
serpha: Graphics
zalza: Music
ozamosi: Betatesting


You are playing Arthur Dent from "The Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy", in this game you jump around, avoiding enemys, collection goldcoins, travelling trough teleports. Look in the readme for more information an a little story :)
Snowtextures, snoweffects are done and the player are leaving tracks in the snow now! We also got some really nice music and some sound effects.
Version 1.0.0 !!

Arthur Dents Dreams Winter Edition won 3rd place in the Chione Challenge.
Review by janus on 01-01-2004
Art is primitive and lacking in animation.
Sound effects and music are simplistic.
Gameplay is not very original, complex, or, fun (IMO).
Game runs almost unplayably fast and is obscenely difficult even on the Easy level.
Controls feel unresponsive and sticky.
Review by Hetzz on 01-01-2004
this game had nice music and a kind of old platform feeling.
at start i thought the money didn't have anything with the rest of the game to do but i realised that you had to get the money to be able to use "shortcut teleporters".
finally i think this game has the ability to grow and become a really good game after little more dev.
Review by Adam on 07-01-2004
The game wasn't great or anything but that has the be the best game soundtrack ive heard in recient times :P And the death sounds remind me of megaman.

I feel it needs more work to get it past the simple platformer level it's at.