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This place is meant for anything not fitting in any of the other categories.

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Game name Rating Last updated
Crossing an isometric RPG with a word-puzzle game...
Dark Woods 2
Ascii based adventure game that comes with 11 levels and option to make/play custom levels.
Dark Woods
A ASCII based graphic adventure/rpg game.
A very buggy RPG based, oddly enough, on the children's books of Roald Dahl.
The Land of the Dead
A text/dungeon RPG written on a 286 over a two day period.
SceneLion  09-10-2007
An RPG-style scene generator.
Lost  01-12-2003
Socionica  19-05-2009
Tailoring the "Advanced Dungeons and Rabbit" forum RPG engine to reflect themes of the socionics theory of individual differences. For information on socionics, see
A Lode Runner Story  19-07-2012
A retro classic mixed with classic RPG elements.
SAWD  18-03-2008
SAWD stands for Simple ASCII Walk-around Demo, and is a short RPG developed in C with very little C++ in as little time as possible by Richard Marks.
FuryBand  12-09-2006
FuryBand is one of the best 2d ascii RPGs that is out there today.
Asgard Free Software RPG  02-12-2006
Asgard is a project aiming to create a classic video RPG experience complete with random battles, world maps, towns, dungeons, vibrant graphics, compelling music, and a creative plot.
Simple Menu System  29-10-2004
a c++ class and some example code to make a menu system
Roswell  24-05-2004
1945 based shooter.
Jiall  09-09-2003
A community world-building effort. A world that anyone can use for their own purposes.
SPRT 1.6  28-09-2003
DOS Sprite Editor
My Dungeon Master Clone  08-02-2004
A version of the old classic game Dungeon Master adding new features.
Beginning Map Editor  28-10-2004
A map editor created in Quickbasic built for making rpg maps, but can be used to make maps for other genres too. New version out.
Fresco  11-04-2004
three-d rpg
TBA(contest entry)  13-10-2004
For Hecate's contest.
The Nexus  04-05-2005
A multiplayer online text adventure, similar in concept to a MUD. Every user has the power to make changes and additions to the game world.
highschool rpg  06-02-2010
About a highschool boy who discovered something evil now he must stop it.
Sonnheim  11-10-2007
Sonnheim - A place in the sun, to meet friends and explore worlds. Sonnheim is a multi user environment consisting of landscape and city like maps. It tries to combine the ideas of socializing and role playing and provides an environment for this.
Fun Game  03-01-2009
Fun Game was a virtual pet game created for a compo in 2002. Might have eventually evolved in to something Pokemon 'esc, but honestly it doesn't do much.
Big Hero  25-07-2009
An RPG about growing up.
Flashcard Clash  28-09-2016
Learn Hiragana and Katakana in JRPG battles!