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Posted by Moonlight 
Status Finished 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 10-06-2002 
Links Download;

Bjørn Lindeijer (engine)
Laurens van der Starre (scripts)
Georg Muntingh (level design and tiles)
Frode Lindeijer (all non-tile graphics)


Created for the RPGDX 7th June MiniRPG compo. One hell of a weekend (+ bug fixing monday)...

Ok, one hint. Try examining everything you see, cause Laurens went trough a lot of trouble to furnish the areas with jokes. :-) We had great fun while creating this game, and we hope you'll have fun playing it!

Last update:

We've just released the final compo version because the compo was extended by a day. Many bugs were fixed today, the engine was improved and optimized a bit and many spelling errors have been removed too.

Review by XMark on 12-06-2002
Some of the best graphics to come out of this compo! I loved how it was written. Very funny and a refreshing break from standard RPG themes. There wasn't really much to do in the game besides look around at everything and occasionally fighting a monster outside the prison, and there wasn't any sound or music but overall it's a fun game to play.
Review by hzz on 10-03-2003
48 hours, cewl! this game is more 'finished' than each of my projects.
Bit short though, when is part II scheduled for release? :)

nice oneliners/gfx,