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Posted by Moonlight 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 08-05-2003 
Links Download;

Bjørn Lindeijer
Georg Muntingh
Laurens van der Starre


A non-combat adventure-like RPG. It's a short game, but completed. Source is free and there's a nice editor along with it. It's an old project of ours, from the time when we didn't know about Allegro or C.

Last update added screenshots of our editors.

Review by pabarry on 06-07-2003
I must say that I liked the simplicity of the game's engine. No complicated menus and such. One of the features that the game had that I've rarily seen is the scrolling dialog text. Its nice to see a game that doesn't just have static text boxes. I would definately like to see a more advanced (and much longer) version of this game.