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Action RPGs

This format is action-oriented, plain and simple. Gameplay is primarily based on the experience system and real-time combat scenarios.

Famous Action RPGs:
Exile, Popful Mail, Diablo

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Game name Rating Last updated
Ped Xing's Quest
learn 15 spells and gather 5 summons. Obtain the pieces of the scroll and save the East.
Feyna's Quest
Feyna's Quest is a platform game with role-playing elements. Join Feyna, a young dark elven sorceress, on an epic quest across three worlds.
Cave Adventure
A Cave Adventure, made for the Spring 2003 MiniRPG compo.
The Griffon Legend
Lynn's Legacy
Take on the role of Lynn, a young mercenary who winds up far from her home after blown out of the sky on a mysterious escort mission.
Anera: Poobum 2003+1
Poobum stands for maturity and perfection, just check out the reviews for Poobum 2003. This is the continuation of that great tradition.
Iron Cloud
Ever wondered what a game would be like if you mixed an RPG with an R-Type shooter?
Blues Brothers RPG
Supposed to be our Compo Nostos entry, but now our Chione Challenge entry.
The Mana World
The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG. TMW uses 2D graphics and aims to create a large and diverse interactive world.
The Story of Microsoul
You play as a young boy stick man who returns home to a robbed and destroyed village and seek revenge some day.
Arthur Dents Dreams Winter Edition
You are playing Arthur Dent in one of his dreams, in this game you jump around, avoiding enemys, collection goldcoins, travelling trough teleports and so on.
You have come to the lands of the vampira to hunt the demon hords.
Jacko Bells - Back in Action (Finished and released)
our crappy little compo entry. you love it.
L'odyssée de ZED  16-07-2003
A lot of action, a great plot and a great engine. Gameplay will be unique.
A futuristic 3D realtime RPG
JRPG  27-01-2006
a 2d fighting like game
On a dark Sunday  20-03-2007
Our entry into Lilith's Enticement.
The Warrior Chronicles  08-05-2002
Text-based action RPG with quests, unique monsters, and items.
The Warrior Chronicles II  08-05-2002
Sequel to The Warrior Chronicles. Roughly four times as large as TWCI. Continue on a larger quests, gain many more levels, and find many more items.
Legends of Xandor  11-06-2002
Legends of Xandor; A king has died. The elven clans struggle to regain peace and rid the land of hoarding evil.
Ius Dei  25-10-2007
Ius Dei (name pending) is a 2d platformer with strong RPG's elements to it. (more to come)
Hearts Of The Just  22-05-2003
Fully 3D RPG
Cryptic Blue: Chimaera  19-02-2004
Cryptic Blue is a futuristic Action RPG with stealth elements, set in the middle of the 21st century.
FreedroidRPG  05-04-2004
We're trying to mix the interface and combat system of the Diablo series with a bit more of a story line. OpenGL capable card recommended.
chaos  15-10-2006
You run around chopping each other up...
Eternal Dreams  17-09-2003
An action-packed game with family feuds, romantic tragedies, interdimensional struggle, and mist she-demons! Play as both a man of good and a lord of suffering to conquer the world's greatest evil.
Rijn the Specpyre  05-09-2011
You play a destitute wandering vampyre who agrees to help a rid a village of a raiding specpyre family. The demo features about an hour of gameplay, multiple weapons, destructible environments, retro inspired sound effects and graphics, an industrial music sound track, and vampyres that turn into spectres and feed on souls!
the other one  04-07-2003
Retro-rpg for the damn compo
Snowy Ridge  14-12-2003
Well, it's about snow...
The Siren Sings  25-07-2005
Remember Iron Cloud?
Chaos Void  12-12-2005
A new action/adventure rpg in the making by Seat Productions with all orginal music and graphics.
Coloria  08-02-2004
Save the rainbow!
Eternity  06-03-2004
A very newage modern RPG which has a fighting game style battle system mixed a little bit with Mega Man X style action. A very innovative RPG spanning across the entire universe into a battle of infinite porportions! You've GOT to check this out! On top of all of that, you will be able to save your data and load it into the next games
DGE RPG  29-04-2004
A combined work from material seen in Cave Adventure, BBRpg and some unreleased material. Put together with an improved Moonlight Engine.
Online Game Thing  08-09-2004
Online... game... thing...
The Tombs of Gersidi  14-04-2004
This is a game based on the Palladium pencil+paper RPG system by Kevin Siembeda; specifically the module in the back of the Palladium RPG sourcebook.
Dropzone  18-10-2004
Hecate's Contest entry!
Poobum: Unlimited  26-05-2005
Get your rocks ready beacuse they are about to be blown off!!
Lightslayer  25-06-2005
Lightslayer is an old first person action rpg that I finished in the year 2000.
Fenrir  16-01-2007
Fenrir is a 2D MMORPG aiming to recreate the look and feel of console classics.
A Goblin's Dream of Paradise  30-11-2005
A lone youth is caught up in the End Times in this action-RPG after the spirit of Seiken Densetsu.
The Possession  04-03-2007
3D Horror RPG developed for the "First Gothic/Horror RPGDX contest". It will be built using my 3D engine. It will serve as the contest entry as well as the first playable demo of the engine.
Pandora’s Hope  16-02-2007
The evil spirits contained in Pandora’s box have been unleashed upon Victorian era England causing untold madness and despair. Ordinary people are transformed into hideous monsters. You are the last remaining spirit, Hope. Can you rally the few survivors and restore order to the world?
Black and White  17-03-2007
A simple Action-RPG tech demo using only black and white as the color scheme.
The Tower  18-11-2007
Zeb's Adventure  03-01-2009
Created in 1999, Zeb's Adventure was an Action RPG with a green hero for DOS. The infamous "Barf Demo". Walk around and messaging. Click for shots and historic art.
Feyna's School Project  16-08-2009
A short sidescrolling action-rpg for the summer 2009 compo.
Ham Sandwich RPG  22-08-2009
You are a sandwich hoping to be eaten by the king in this hilarious side-scrolling RPG adventure.