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Adventure RPGs

There is really only one word to use for this style: ZELDA. Otherwise called "Zeldaesque", this style of RPG is arguably NOT an RPG style, although by definition it certainly is. This game style blends elements of the Action and Traditional styles, but generally is broken down into two major play areas: battling enemies, and collecting items.

Famous Adventure RPGs:
The Legend Of Zelda, Neutopia, Druid, Dungeon Explorer

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Game name Rating Last updated
COBOL's Revenge
You are COBOL a General who has devoted his life to serving Lord Bill and he now wants you dead. Journey to the world of Ibum and take part in the mini-adventure suited for all ages.
Blorp Zingwag: Elf Detective
An entry in the Chione Challenge. A murder has occured in Santa's workshop, so Santa has called in Blorp Zingwag, the most renowned Elf Detective in the north pole to find out who is responsible.
Anestor QB
A non-combat adventure-like RPG. It's a short game, but completed. Source is free and there's a nice editor along with it.
Ninja'd: Blossom of the new spring autum
Comp entry for a contest
A short 3d action-adventure game in the style of "Zelda" and "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night."
Trevor: Gaiden
A small side story in the Trevor Universe
Mandy's Quest
Alard: The Dragons Curse  14-11-2002
Isometric scrolling action/adventure RPG game taking you through lots of different environments and maps. (Screenies currently are early dev. screenshots with early graphics) Programming Language - hmm.. there was no VB in that list.. but yeah, VB with DirectX. Heh.. I really need to learn C at some point. -Z-
DevX Dungeon  08-11-2007
2D Top-down dungeon action rpg-ish thing for's mini-rpg competition.
Slayer: Dark Prophecy  12-11-2004
This is a 3D First-person Action/Adventure/RPG created in a full 360-degree Raytrace engine. Discover the fate of a young woman with strange magical powers, and how an age-old prophecy ties her fate to the fate of her people.
Project Island Game  08-06-2003
Open-ended RPG heavily influenced by TES III: Morrowind.
Tales of Torrund  03-04-2005
A new demo displaying almost all of the features of the game engine.
World  21-06-2003
QB 4.5 + DQB 1st Public demo move with arrows, with clicking mouse button on top of screen the gui opens. ctrl to talk, talk to vehicle, talking to something else crashes =) i've put in a delay which brings down the fps down from 450 to 35 on my AMD XP 2000 if you need more speed, post a message on the rpgdx forum... - Spearor
Beware The Moon  01-05-2005
Mystical role playing adventure game in which you must discover the village of Cuesta Verde
Neutopia III  21-05-2006
Peace in Neutopia has reigned for over 100 years since the last defeat of the demon Dirth. Now, a new terror seeks to rip apart this utopian world from within. Four descendants of the legendary Murdock are summoned to the lands of Neutopia once again to investigate the strange new events and uncover the truth that lies beneath the visage of peace.
The Gates of Ore'on  26-11-2005
An RPG/Adventure game similar to the original Zelda games, but with a Diablo-style interface.
School Maze  14-07-2010
Help Lil' Billy on his quest to find his homework! One day, Lil' Billy was sitting in study hall bored and about to check his homework. He opened his binder and found it was gone!! Help him travel through 5 huge levels to find all the pages!! GOOD LUCK!
Forsaken Sun  31-01-2007
A dynamic rpg, your decisions will affect your journey through this unscripted Gothic world.
EliteCPR's as-of-yet unnamed RPG  29-08-2007
Open ended RPG in the vein of Elder Scrolls with a Vagrant Story type battle system.
Sigmore Mines  01-03-2008
This game is rogue-like for cell phones with elements based on PC game "Diablo". You are in control of warrior, mage or archer. As you are descending deeper into the dungeon, you gain experience, became stronger, find new magical weapons. Read quest tomes which give you quests.
Aether Gears  20-08-2010
3D steampunk themed action/adventure project for the RPGDX contest. Status: no real gameplay implemented yet.
If only!  20-08-2010
A short game about regret.