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Traditional RPGs

This is probably the most widespread format of RPG. A traditional RPG focuses primarily on character development on a story level and encompasses experience levels, turn-based or active-time combat systems, great quests, and a lot of thinking and puzzle-solving.

Famous Traditional RPGs:
Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Ultima, Might And Magic, Lunar, the list goes on for miles!

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Game name Rating Last updated
Endless Saga
Endless Saga is a traditional RPG using a 3D engine. (Developement temporarily paused due to fire-related issues. Yeah, bad stuff. :) )
Fenix Blade
Two men, one driven by an unattainable goal, the other by his pious nature, bring an entire continent to its knees. Their story is but one of many...
Diver Down
You take the role of Drek, a knight who wakes up in a dungeon without his memory. To further aggravate the situation, you are immediately assaulted by a high-tech trooper who blames you for the death of his unit. Although your surroundings are strange and you don't fully comprehend the stakes of what you are tied to, there is a vague familiarity of the situation that worries you. What terrors lie in the minds of men?
Legends from the Lost Realms
Legends is a first person RPG set in a Medieval / Fantasy world where the Old Empire is being threatened by the barbarians from the Northern Kingdoms.
GearHead Arena
GearHead is a mecha roguelike roleplaying game. Set a century and a half after nuclear war, you can explore a world where various factions compete to determine the future of the human race. Major features include random plot generation, a detailed character system, and over two hundred customizable mecha designs.
Dark Realms
As a young pirate will you decide to claim your birthright as rightful king of the mainland, or will you save the world from the oblivion stone? This is just one of the scenarios you will find in 'Unlikely Hero', a realm created with Dark Realms. More will be available as they are created :)
(Chloris's Call Entry.) It's been over a year since young Garrick has seen his friend Sarah. She left their sleepy little town to become a Templar, an elite knight of the church. Now her training is over, and she is coming back home to pick up their partnership once again. But her return will set into motion a series of events that will threaten their friendship, call up the ghosts of a bloody race war, and possibly even kill them.
The Secret Of Cooey
The Secret of Cooey is a mini RPG of sorts, which spoofs the big console titles.
The Secret Of Cooey II
Take control of Cooey. Enter the dark tower, and defeat the minions of the dark crystal.
Mattress Warrior
*for 48hour RPG compo* Cooey's sidekick embarks on a quest of his own!
Mysterious Song
For those of you who haven't played it, MS is a Dragon Warrior/Phantasy Star style RPG. the Nocturne (final)
This game is an entry into the Spring 2003 compo.
Created for the RPGDX 7th June MiniRPG compo. One hell of a weekend (+ bug fixing monday)...
The famous KQ game, once abandoned by its original author and resurrected as an open source game.
The Secret Of Cooey III
Join Cooey and Mattress on a quest to make fun of the most RPG cliches they possibly can!
A boy chosen for a fate he had never dreamed of, and his friends, find themselves fighting the most evil and intelligent terrorist ever to walk the earth.
The ARC Legacy
In a post-apocalyptic future where mankind is stripped of technology, an evil ruler discovers a cache of the weapons of the "ancients" and must be stopped before he triggers a second apocalypse.
The Trials of Soscarides
November Contest Entry: The story of a young Greek warrior and his voyages.
Dark Ages I: The Continents
Explore dungeons and battle monsters in your quest to defeat Greyor.
The ARC Legacy (classic)
A post-apocalyptic QBasic RPG, currently being remade in Allegro.
The Tales of Torsin
You are Torsin, a mighty dude.
Foundations of Fate
Single player RPG about a boy and his friends thrown into a conflict that trancends time itself. Demo available.
Dark Ages II: Engel
Three thieves are set out on an adventure larger than they imagined.
The ARC Network
The sequel to the QB RPG classic "The ARC Legacy". It takes place five years after the first one.
A post nuclear mini roleplaying game.
Nietzsche Easytype
The story of a philosopher coping with her actions, told through a gripping narrative.
The Wanderer
The game is best described as a "SNES Dragon Warrior" created using the RPGToolKit.
That 80's Game
A light-hearted look at the Cold War through the eyes of three aptly-named characters.
Sword of Fargoal remake
Originally: 48 hours compo entry: Remake of C64 game Sword of Fargoal, in 48 hours. Still available from: New version: competition entry. Complete new games, focused on faithfully remaking the original.
Cryn - The Dark Reflection 2.1
Cryn The Dark Reflection is an RPG role playing game, styled after classics such as Final Fantasy and Zelda. Lead Cryn through his journey into hell with his brother Beorne.
Cai's Quest 3 DOS
Venosoft's lastest game, tests showing 45+ hours of gameplay and a superior engine! Finished in DOS, we wait patiently for the Windows version. Download this game today!
The Amazing Adventures of Kassandra
November Contest Entry: Not a full game, but the beginnings of an RPG, done in 48 hrs.
Middle Earth Tale 3
Great game. Full RPG for DOS, made in QBX.
War is breaking out between Ranelia and Ash. Demons are rising from the Earth. From the Ranelian Royal Academy in Eldan, an artic expedition is beginning that will determine the fate of the world.
Concrete Jungle
An 80's themed adventure about a funky tape which is mysteriously stolen. Entry for DarkDreads PureQB contest.
The Ghost of the Haunted Grove
This is my entry for the Jun 2002 MiniRPG contest. It is the story of a young prince with a thirst for adventure and his encounter with destiny.
A western-style miniRPG
My Entry to DE's miniRPG compo during the winter. 2 Hours to Clear.
Rain's Rescue
A young man faces the weight of the world; the church abducts the very woman he wished to marry; is the measure of a man the ability to solve your own problems without help?
Chrystal Winter
A mad magician has cast a spell upon the Kingdom that force winter to stay forever. At least until he has gotten what he wants.
Battle of Destiny: Gold Prophecy
Single player RPG for the Chione Challenge.
Threads of Life
You are Tom, trapped on a distant world and searching for a way home.
Emperors of Epica
Become emperor of a 3200+ location world. Explore caves, collect treasure, get a job, battle monsters, and defeat twelve rival warlords to complete your goal in this text-based RPG.
The world has been engulfed in a great shadow. You take the role of Pedro MaGinis.
Otheon's Adventure
Single player RPG about Otheon, who sets out to destroy every last demon after they destroy his town.
The Tales of Griffin
My thing for the contest.
Poobum 2003
Super-Half-Arsed game for the spring 2003 minirpg comp
The Wanderer
Tile*Tile epic RPG in C++
Origin: Warrior I
Every thousand years Evil comes to ravage the world... Every thousands years a Hero is born to defend us... Ever wondered Why?
The Changeling  26-03-2004
an epic console style rpg, with tactical combat, an engrossing story with lots of exploration and wonderfull graphics and mod music.
King of the Visigoths  04-01-2003
An RPG based on the Visigoth invasions of the Western Roman Empire in the early 5th century AD.
Unnamed RPG  
My first stab at RPG coding.
Beast of Darkness  
Was an entry for DarkDread's minirpg compo, is now going to be something amazingly cool (eventually... heh). I should probably start writing this at some point. I have an engine that rocks and.. uh, stuff.
Ending World Act I  
Magic has risen. The world has been shaken. Where do you stand? The fate of the worlds rests in your hands.
A as yet untitled MiniRPG for DarkDreads competition.
Journey of the KungFu Master  
My entry to the DarkDread mini RPG competition. As the name suggests, it's a kung-fu rpg.
Ethro Blue  
Join Rudo and his companions to solve the mysteries of Ethro, the world so blue.
DungeonCrawl Saga: Children of Sidhe  26-05-2003
Classic console-style RPG. (DEPRECATED in favor of "Sacraments" compo entry.)
Elements: The Awakening  02-01-2006
Canterbury: Lady of the Night  10-04-2004
The Vernal Equinox Festivities find the city of Canterbury flooded with pilgrims from the Outlands. A chance encounter between the prostitute Isolde and the pilgrim Teague might be the only barrier to assassination...
The Ultimate RPG  
Soon many will realize that The Ultimate RPG is the the best OHR production ever...
Blue Sky  
You must find your friends and kill the evil Carl.
Riders Of Rohan  23-04-2002
Middle Earth Tale 2
I have no name  29-04-2003
My entry for the mini rpg contest, which didn't quite make it.
Dies Irae Remake  29-09-2004
An RPG with a much overlooked theme. This one is a true horror story.
Chrono Trigger - Leene Square Demo (Finished & Released)  02-02-2004
Chrono Trigger Leene Square demo - RELEASED!
The ARC Prophecy  17-04-2002
The third game in the ARC series, a prequel set 200 years before The ARC Legacy.
The Tales of Sophy  13-12-2002
Sophy is looking for her friends when she suddenly realize that they have been kidnapped by some slavehandlers. And that is not all, they enters a forbidden castle and nobody knows what is lurking there... in the dark... waiting... watching... holding its breath... ok thats quiet enough...
Underworld Online  01-12-2004
A castle is being taken over by an army of monsters. In this graphical fantasy MMORPG you can either fight and try to save the reign, or you can join the evil forces. Combats, Magic, Weapons, Spells. Has music and sound. You play immediately with your browser, the download link will actually open the connect page.
Mordor  30-04-2002
The fourth Tolkien styled qbasic rpg made by me. Moving npc's,animated tiles,full scripted events and npc's.
Legend of GrimTold  03-06-2004
Cliche, NES style RPG goodness!
Sakura Densetsu  03-06-2011
An action-RPG providing a casual introduction to the Federation Crystal Universe.
The Trio  05-06-2002
You are a FACS graduate rookie, with a shining sword and a goal for being a hero.
Project Apan  20-11-2003
An independent game project that will use the Torque engine.
Scribe  15-05-2005
You are a new student at the Parrot College of Gamemaking, searching for the meaning of games amidst a million games to play and make. Under the instruction of Grimface, you learn about the "Scribes".
The Fourth Dimension  15-06-2002
A young soldier for the National Defence Institute is plunged into his past by a young and dark necromancer who plans to use the power of The Fourth Dimension to manipulate time to how he sees fit.
Steamship Saga  15-07-2002
Steamship Saga, a combination Cyberpunk-Steampunk game with an unusual storyline with many twists.
Apprentice (Working Project Name)  23-07-2002
3D Rpg...Anime, Death Gate Cycle, Tolkien, Sword of Truth, and Forgotten Realms inspired . among other things
Dungeon  11-10-2003
A cross between DW and Ultima IV in gameplay style. Using graphics from Angband, to create a entertaining rpg experience.
Phantasm  25-09-2005
A traditional-style mini-RPG that doesn't really break any new ground or offer any kind of amazing storyline but still manages to be somewhat fun.
The Tales of Torsin II  18-12-2003
The unavoidable sequel to The Tales of Torsin is coming in a zipfile near you soon.
Glob The Blob  15-08-2003
Resizing the plothole to massive proportions! Glob, the blob, sets off on a pointless yet epic journey! And at the same time, I embark on creating the world's most pointless RPG!
Rising Sentinel  03-08-2004
A fairly simple, classic style RPG (top-down with turn-based battles).
Hidden Treasures  27-09-2003
An old style RPG.
Broken Dimension (abandoned & source released)  01-12-2003
This is the RPG we were working on for a bit, we just screwed around trying to create a pretty nice engine, source is now released... enjoy the source! some good stuff in there...
Hero of Allacrost  12-06-2007
Hero of Allacrost is a single player 2D role-playing game that shares similar appearance and gameplay with classical console RPGs.
Boundless Ocean +  26-07-2005
A surreal RPG game
Nietzsche Special Edition  26-01-2004
SJ Zero revisits the Nietzsche compo entry, adding enough stuff to call it a game.
Ellinda  29-04-2003
My RPG I've been working on for 2+ years.
Dark Fantasy  30-09-2007
Dark Fantasy is a Console Style RPG for PC (Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac) based on the style of the early Final Fantasy Series and Dragon Warrior
Equinox  31-03-2004
entry for spring compo 2004 (chloris' call)
Megaton  28-11-2004
Mixture of Wasteland, Fallout, and Arcanum elements thrown together. Designed to be easily modifiable (tools and scripting) from the ground-up.
The Windsayer  04-07-2003
The tension of rebellion is placed in the unsure hands of a young boy.
Quest for a King  24-09-2003
An ancient and interesting RPG started way back when it was still fashionable to make a QBRPG. Follow Jeremy and Xan as they trek through this playable demo.
Real  02-08-2003
An isometric, 3d RPG with an emphasize on realism.
The Mount Cloudtip Prophecy  17-07-2003
This is what my entery to the Compo Nostos would have been... Its a finished Oldschool QBRPG!
Mistlands  09-09-2003
Mistland is a online role playing game in a fantasy setting.
Winter's Darkness  02-12-2003
Ludus Artifex's entry into the december compo.
Mechanae: Exodus of the Order  08-04-2004
A retro-style RPG with up-to-date engine capabilities
Perfect Weapon  24-12-2003
Wrath Of Sona, The  21-11-2012
An epic tale of revenge, lust, sadness, and bittersweet triumph.
Snowy Hills (WIP Name)  14-12-2003
A funny Christmas-themed story around an elf rebellion, complete with cheesy jokes, lame clichés and a corny storyline.
Cai's Quest: The Rith Saga Begins...  06-09-2004
Here begins the Rith Saga. Taking place in the year 1200 of Rith's history this epic RPG tells the tale of a boy named Cai Ambrioth. For years a dictator named Magnus Akra has terrorized the continent of Paravia in an attempt to overthrow the current ruling kingdom of Armoth and their guardian at Paravia's east coast, Fort Paran. One night on the first snowfall in many winters General Zerefin Ambrioth of Ft. Paran is informed by a messenger of an overwhelming sneak attack by what appears to be Magnus' forces. As Zerefin rushes to get to his son Cai a floor above him, Cai awakens to Akra's forces as they bust into his room and his adventure begins...
Blood of Lions (On Hold  11-06-2004
Our original GBA RPG still in early development
Blorp Zingwag Returns  30-03-2004
Blorp Zingwag is on the case again, this time in a modern-day Middle-earth where he must discover who is responsible for Legolas' murder.
DragonQuest: Redux  07-09-2004
A remake of the classic game DragonQuest(Dragon Warrior)
Mysterious Song (remake)  26-08-2012
A remake of DarkDread's famous RPG, created for the TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine console.
The Tales of Raena  11-04-2015
A minirpg set in the same world as my other The Tales of... games.
By Any Means Necessary  06-11-2017
2D RPG for Windows
Odyssey  21-11-2006
The Odyssey Project is a custom-built, multiplayer, cross-platform, open-source RPG engine, developed by roleplaying-game fans and for anyone who is interested in getting involved.
Dream Destroyer  27-10-2004
CCPS Solutions' entry to Hecate 2004 compo!
Shifter  15-07-2007
A search for a mysterious device that changes the user's identity. (Abandoned for now)
Western Lords (GBA)  20-10-2004
GBA RPG - Come register on the forums!
The Dark Castle  29-03-2005
The fully playable but no music QB1.1 source for my new minirpg
Beowulf  05-04-2005
A classic old-english story brought to life.
Thanksgiving Quest  26-06-2005
An OHRRPGCE game about Thanksgiving, Hitler, and killing standards. Many self/friend-referential jokes, but it's playable. (about 2 hours in length, and it uses DOS, so if you're anal don't bother)
The Tales of Sophy II  26-01-2008
The sequel to The Tales of Sophy
Eternal Bickering  04-06-2011
Isometric turn-based RPG. The world consists of huge underground caverns, with areas such as desolate wastelands, maze like tunnels and ancient ruins of structures. Explore these ancient ruins, learn their secrets, experience the ancient culture that once resided there. Figure out what it's all about while avoiding traps, grinding monsters to fine paste, interacting with absurd lifeforms and sneaking past aggressive beings.
The Tales of Torsin III  17-01-2007
Torsin is back.
Orb Of Darkness  06-08-2006
A classic Final Fantasy style RPG made with RPGMAKER2003. The Demo contains nearly 20% of the game.
Major Arcana  07-04-2007
My submission to Lilith's Enticement.
Kanjiland  16-03-2008
A short rpg written for a contest. No plot, no documentation, no title screen, no conclusion, no explanation, no music, no sound effects, no usable items, just pure rpg gameplay. With kanji.
WiTCHHUNT  14-01-2008
A Text-based RPG developed for the Lilith's Enticement RPGDX Mini-RPG Competition.
Dubloon  09-08-2010
A mouse controlled pirate RPG adventure. A quest that'll take several hours to complete, with Zelda-esque puzzles and a realtime battle system that includes a few mouse-based minigames.
Rivers of blood  20-03-2007
A Time for War (working title)  13-10-2007
A sci-fi rpg set in the 400 years in the future when the combination of science and the spiritual is brewing a terrible conflict...
No Sanctuary Found  30-07-2008
A SciFantasy RPG in progress
Legacy of the Zodiac EX  04-02-2007
LoZ EX is a MMORPG, Where you can Duel other players, buy a house, participate in Castle Sieges, Be in a Clan War and just about anything else you can imagine. You can choose to wield a sword and be a melee or learn new spells and be a mage! LoZ EX has a hard working staff constantly expanding the game with new Weapons, Armors, Helms and new areas to play! We also have events ranging from Trivia's to a the Voucher Event!
Time Switch  16-09-2008
UPDATED as of 10/10/08
The Iron Gaia  04-08-2007
The Iron Gaia is a “classic style RPG” brought forward and modernized in episodic form.
Frayed Knights  23-05-2009
A 3D Fantasy RPG of Comedy, Adventure, and Old-School Hacking and Slashing
Legend Hunter: In the Realm of the Far Away  25-06-2008
Devleopement ceased indefinately.
Legacy of the Zodiac II  08-12-2007
Bloodlines  05-03-2008
My entry for the ASCII Rpg compo. Procedurally generated world.
Murmur's Dungeon  03-01-2009
Created (and abandoned in 1997), Murmur's Dungeon is a unique hybrid of an FF clone and the original Zelda. Combat, items/stores, and a reasonable sized level to explore. Based on the engine created for The Legend of Tidal, a 1996 RPG forever lost to faulty computer hard drives.
Islandgates  03-01-2009
Created (and abandoned) in 1997. Islandgates was an ambitious roleplaying adventure inspired by early Final Fantasy games for DOS. Walk around, effects, and combat that shows some animations. Click for shots and archival art.
The Dread Omen  27-11-2011
Graphic adventure / RPG
Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old  28-02-2009
Lo-fi mini-rpg for the February 2009 contest.
Eternal Quest  13-07-2009
QuickRPG  24-03-2009
INFO: Download from! -- A Ruby port of my first (and, sadly, only) walkaround demo which I wrote in Blitz Basic in Oct. 2001. Due lack of original source code I had to guess a lot of the engine's functionalities and, except for NPC animation files, it worked out very well -- more stable than in 2001 :)
Hackenslash  23-05-2009
An experiment in rapid, no-budget RPG development (using Python)
Discretion  31-01-2011
3D Role-Playing Game featuring adventuring and compelling story focused gameplay
Worlds Beyond  15-08-2012
2D console-style RPG about the end of the world and what comes after...
Whispers in the Moss  18-02-2013
Whispers in the Moss is an upcoming console-style RPG programmed in QB64. The game features very ambitious ASCII graphics, early 8 and 16 bit Final Fantasy style gameplay and turn-based battles. As of February 2013, the game engine is fully completed and I am currently creating content (maps, scripts, enemies, etc.) for the game.
The Jersey Dogs  21-03-2016
A short, free RPG created as an English as a Second Language (ESL) project!